Who is Machine Tool Classifieds?

MTC is staffed exclusively by people who have been in the machine tool industry for decades. This is not an ‘out-sourced’ enterprise. We’ve been selling equipment for years, and what works for us will work for you too.

This site has been developed to be easy to use. It has a ‘responsive’ platform that is useable on most any device – from your desktop to your pad, even your phone! Another great thing is that it’s global – use the translate function and surf in most any language – and know that buyers can shop worldwide as well.

What are you looking for?

If you’re buying – then MTC is the site for you. You don’t need a Membership to shop – we want you to browse. We have a network of end-users as well as dealers from our twenty plus years in the industrial marketplace to work with. We bring that collective knowledge and buying power to you. Check it out – see what our Members have to offer.

Why a ‘Membership’?

Because the formula works. Why enter individual ads with separate billings for each one? Buyers will surf a site with a lot to choose from – so you know you’re going to enter as many as you can. At an entry level cost of $98 for 30 days, it’s a good deal. There are discount memberships for larger accounts, and even a special for an unlimited number of listings. It’s all in what you need.

Why PayPal?

We only accept PayPal because it’s easy, safe, global and the way of the future. If you absolutely can’t use PayPal, contact us and we can explore another option.

Instructions and Tips for Listing:

…it’s so easy – you’ll only need to read this once !

Once you’ve established an account, select and purchase the membership package that suits your needs. PayPal will send you a receipt and the system will keep a running total of your postings.

Gather your information and get to work adding listings. Be sure to pick out your best 4 pics to include. You can add them to the Featured Listing scroll, but I’ll get to that later.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. We have set up all of the necessary categories, that we use. Machine Codes are a thing of the past, but know your equipment and select the correct one to be in the right sort feature for buyers. The Internet Spiders will crawl the site and we need to make sure your listings get the best exposure!

What if you can’t find your category? Well, if your machine has a control, then look under ‘CNC Machinery’. There you’ll find a sub-category that will probably have what you’re looking for. The category list is pretty extensive.

Why do I need a Title? This is, after all, a classified listing – just like you’d find in the paper or Ebay, etc. Make it short and concise. The search function will use the category and other separate listing functions to find your post.

Manufacturer List is HUGE! Yes, it goes on forever…. use the scroll on the side of the box and it will take you to your manufacturer in a flash. This insures consistency. No guessing if it’s Mori-Seiki with a dash or one word, or whatever. Now, the model is different. Take the time to enter it as it is on the equipment – is it a VF-3 or a VF3 or maybe VF 3? The Year is open for you to be able to add rebuilt dates. Like 1955/86 (yes, there are machines that old still on the market), you can explain more in the Description section.

Location: OK, we like the Google Maps tie to the site showing exactly where your piece is located on the planet. This is really useful for shipping costs estimating and inspection travel info. Although, not everyone wants to divulge locations. Simply leave it empty. Unfortunately, Google will get confused and have a default – but the map notes  “No Location” on the listing. That’s ok, it just means customers will have to contact you – and that’s never a bad thing. Feel free to choose a Region – or just plug in your office info.

What’s the best way to fill the Description? There actually is a best way to do this. Like the newspapers, use the first line by filling in the pertinent, eye catching info. What we call ‘Short Specs’. Usually, capacity, speed, travels, and extras like a chip conveyor, or that pricey box of tooling that goes with it. Then add in everything else as if it was a quote if you like, or just enough info to interest them in calling you for more or maybe a better price. Just a suggestion – this is an open text field – add what you want. Remember: ‘Garbage in = Garbage out’. Don’t forget to include your own Machine ID, Stock or Asset Number !

Add in your images, and videos with our YouTube integration. A simple upload and that’s it. Now, if you want those pics on the homepage as part of the Featured Listings, click the option on the side and you’ll be directed to PayPal for the additional cost. It’s an inexpensive way for better exposure. Although, each is billed separately since it’s an individual add-on. PayPal will bring you back to the site for more Listings.

Now, when you’re done – go and check your Dashboard. Under your ‘Listings’ there should be a count of what you’ve posted and how many days are left on the listing, etc. Each account has it’s own, and each account has it’s own Listings Page. One of our many great features is that customers can click on your info located in the ‘Contact – Poster’ section and it takes them to your Listings Page – the entire list of what you have to offer on MTC. (We love that.)

We are very excited to bring the industrial re-selling business another platform to market from – and we’re going to work hard to make sure you get exposure to bring you the sales you need !